My blog

As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Hope you’re all doing well bi’ithnillah!

Welcome to my small world, my blog.

Well here’s everything that I have always been passionate about. Be it Henna, Health, my ardent love for writing, Natural skin care, most importantly my faith & much more, you’ll find it all here in one place!

So those of you all who know me knows I have just started my henna business, yes I sell home made organic henna cones and organic sojat henna powder. Will be launching skincare products sooon إن شاء الله

To know more about henna click here , to buy organic henna click here

For a complete skin care routine that I have click here (more posts coming up soon)

You must have heard about “health is wealth” well if that’s not true then what is? After all, this body that is given to you by Allaah is an amaanah so take good care of it! Go to the health tab and find all about healthy lifestyle and healthy recipes that I share.

Being a Salafee and all that misconception that goes around, how can I not let you know about my beautiful religion in its original form? Please click on salafiyyah to know more about it and learn from the correct sources, in shaa Allaah.

Last but not the least, yes I love to write, the reason I had started this blog 4 years back and now it’s not just about my writeups but so much more. If you love poems and quotes do check them out when you have time in shaa Allaah.

I hope this blog is of help to you in many ways and that I’m being able to inspire you to revert back to eating natural, applying natural and going back to practicing the original Islaam without any innovated practice being involved!

If you have any questions, suggestions and feedbacks regarding my blog please contact me via my instagram/email or simple comment below!

More posts coming soon, subscribe to stay updated! Have a wonderful day ahead!

Baarak Allaahu feekum.


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