Dream to be home

‚ÄčAll my life without a dome Reminded me I'm just a loam  My heart wanders in the lone  My soul screams for a home  In the midst of turmoil I've grown  Fought battles on my own  My soul now, too tired to roam  Want to settle down in my home  I imagine to wander in... Continue Reading →


Never in between

‚ÄčEverything has always been black and white for me. It's either I was -  Filled with hate or full of love; Drowned in fears or floated with hopes;  Either a friend or an enemy;  My words so bitter that could rip you apart or so mellifluous that will mend your every broken part. So strong... Continue Reading →

I stand alone

Wherever I go I feel suffocated. While everyone moves on I remain affected. In the midst of the crowd I feel alone. Like a tree in the storm, I stand on my own. All by myself I stand alone. - AspiringMuslimah


Numb and cold A feeling so old What do you understand? Depths of darkness Has been her witness Afraid to hold anyone's hand.


Craving to be home. Jannah. Yearning to be with You. Ya Allah. Dont leave me alone. Ever. Keep me under Your shade. Forever.

Can I escape?

Can I escape? To a place Where I can have My own space.. Want to get back On the track To succeed in life's race.. Ya Rabb, bestow Your grace...

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