It never rained

​Mentally drained. To be in control of feelings; Im trained Numb to the things, That once made me happy. When I was tired of the summer It never rained.  I don't mean to be a cynic, But whenever I trusted; turns out They feigned.



When the tears roll down your cheeks Cover it up by dancing in the snow This pain can be freezed Dont look dull, just glow  Stick to yourself and the ones  That always helps you to grow  Who's your nightmare and who's  A sweetdream, this you should know  It's about being good to those who... Continue Reading →


When it's summer We want rain when it's winter we turn over again  Try to find happiness  even when you're in pain  If obstacle's on your way  walk into another lane  Life is precious  don't let it go in vain  Make efforts to please your Lord  and you will find yourself sane. 

I will wait 

I wondered all my life  If i could escape this place  And go somewhere far Where no one knew my face  Could I start over again?  This time want to win this race  But I know I'm stuck here And will be stuck for days  Or years or until I die There aint no other... Continue Reading →

Is there more?

​..... Every night; I wonder, If this is it or there is more.  Is there a end to the chaos, or the hunt will go on for a shore.  The gloominess gets in the way, While the light tries to slide in the door.  The sound of mayhem; doesn't let me sleep.  So I close... Continue Reading →

Never too late..

​The barren land will grow crops, And the flowers will bloom again, Your dead heart will come alive, And shower your soul with rain.. Cuz it's never too late to let the negativity drain, It's never to late to forgive and forget the pain, It's never too late to return back to your lane, And... Continue Reading →

Dream to be home

​All my life without a dome Reminded me I'm just a loam  My heart wanders in the lone  My soul screams for a home  In the midst of turmoil I've grown  Fought battles on my own  My soul now, too tired to roam  Want to settle down in my home  I imagine to wander in... Continue Reading →

Never in between

​Everything has always been black and white for me. It's either I was -  Filled with hate or full of love; Drowned in fears or floated with hopes;  Either a friend or an enemy;  My words so bitter that could rip you apart or so mellifluous that will mend your every broken part. So strong... Continue Reading →

Patience is beautiful.. 

​The soul cries and cries, rivers of blood  And the eyes remain silent; forcing back the flood  But none hears & sees except Him, Al Baseer, As Samee'   And only His words can comfort the soul & bring serenity  Hoping this journey of life soon comes to an end  & we move to another... Continue Reading →

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