As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu! Hope you’re all doing well bi’ithnillah! 

Our bodies are an amaanah from Allaah to us, so we should take good care of it!

Let’s talk about health! What is health? 
It is the most important thing a man possesses. We work so hard half our lives(neglecting our health) in making money then the other half we spend that money to cure and stay healthy. 

Why can’t we just take care of our health at all times? Whether young or old, start from now! There are enough companies out there feeding you chemicals and making you sick. Your health should be in your hands, do not let anyone else control it. Go back to eating natural foods, dump those junk and injected nonsense. (Atleast while you can ignore them)

If you can grow your own veggies and fruits that will be more awesome but try to buy GMO free and pesticide free foods. 

Your body needs adequate amount of nutrition to stay healthy and don’t forget what you eat also affects your outside appearance. Eating good food is also important to maintain healthy and lovely skin and hair. So spend your time and money on the things that actually matter! 

Check out my recipes that I make on a daily basis, keeping it as much healthy as I can!

I’m on the learning process so if you have any serious questions regarding your health then ask a doctor or experts as I only share things that i have benefitted from. 

Let me know how I can improve, feedback will be appreciated! Stay healthy and happy! 


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