This is easy, quick, healthy and yummylicious!!
one of my fav pasta recipe.

Ingredients :

• pasta of your choice
• olive oil
• garlic
• chinese cabbage
• leek
• Parsley
• carrots
• spring onion
• Bell peppers (of your choice)
• Black pepper corns and powder
• salt
• garam masala powder
• a pinch of tumeric powder

you could also add any veggies of your choice like beans, brocolli, cabbage etc i made with whatever was available at home.

Method :

Boil the pasta, drain and keep aside. Now heat a pan and add 2 tsp olive oil, add 5/6 black pepper corns, few black seeds (optional), lots and lots of chopped garlic ( yes, im a garlic lover x ), add chopped leek, saute for a while on medium heat, add the remaining veggies (except for chinese cabbage), add the spices, cook for a while. Add in the pasta, switch off the flame after 5 mins. Now add the chinese cabbage and mix well.

Serve the yummy healthy pasta salad.
For any questions, comment below x

Barak Allaahu feekum.


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